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Are the jaw and pelvis connected?  Short answer - YES!  


Many of us clench our jaw throughout the day, sometimes not even realizing it until things start to feel sore.  Check in from time to time, especially if you feel stressed and notice a few things:

Are you clenching your jaw down?

Is there space between you upper and lower teeth?

Can you allow your jaw to "hang" for a few minutes while you breathe?

Read more below about the connection between the jaw and the pelvis.  Your body will thank you.


If there is a rotation in the pelvis, it creates a twist throughout the spine up into the head, affecting the jaw and intra oral structures. 

From clinical experience I have found that decreasing the tension in the jaw can directly help decrease the tension in the pelvis, allowing it to move more efficiently.

It also appears as though both structurally and through tension pulls, the jaw and pelvis tend to mirror each other

For example, the more the right side of the jaw is clenched, the more the right hip muscles tense up.  It is the same kind of relationship with jaw and the pelvis rotating in dysfunctional patterns.

A 2009 study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics from Hanover Medical School in Germany concluded that temporomandibular joint dysfunction plays an important role in the restriction of hip motion experienced by patients with complex regional pain syndrome and this indicated a connectedness between these two regions of the body.

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